Gematria Calculator

Enter any word or phrase and click the calculate button. The gematria calculator will calculate the Simple English gematria value as well as the Jewish gematria (a.k.a.Hebrew gematria) value. In addition the gematria calculator will find other words with the same gematria values for both Simple English and Jewish/Hebrew gematria. In addition, you can enter a numberic value and the gematria decoder will display words which has the same gematria values.


Words and phrases are given numerical meanings using the old mathematical method known as gematria. It has different uses across the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa and has its roots in Jewish custom. The foundation of gematria is the notion that each letter in a word or sentence has a numerical value that can be used to decode the secret meaning of the word.

The Jewish method, which gives Hebrew characters numerical values, is the form of gematria that is used most frequently today. As an illustration, the character Beth (ב) is given a value of two while the letter Aleph (א) is designated a value of one. The worth of any Hebrew word or phrase can then be determined using this method. The outcome's "gematria value" or "gematria number" refers to its numerical worth.

Over the years, many religious and spiritual groups, including kabbalists, astrologers, magicians, and alchemists, have used gematria. Jewish mysticism, which held that certain words hold unique power when they are composed with particular gematria numbers, placed a special emphasis on its use. Words with strong gematria values were believed to possess mystical powers that could produce particular outcomes or offer defense against malevolent forces.

Gematria is still studied today by those who are drawn to both its useful uses in mathematics and encryption and its mystic facets. Gematria numbers can also be used to discover secret meanings in text and for numerology and divination reasons. Regardless of its application, gematria is still a fascinating aspect of our cultural legacy that intrigues people even today.

Gematria calculator

To determine the numerical worth of Hebrew and English words or sentences, use a gematria calculator. It is simple to compare two items because a decent gematria calculator will give you the numerical worth of any particular word or phrase in both languages. If you wished to compare the proverb "love is greater than hate," for instance, you could use a gematria calculator to find out that "love" has a total numerical value of 35, while "hate" has a total numerical value of 21. This indicates that love is more significant in spirituality and has a bigger total numerical worth than hatred.

Calculators for gematria can also be used to help with praying and meditation. You can gain insight into the deeper meanings behind ideas like faith and love by looking at the number values of different terms or sentences connected to your spiritual endeavors. If you wanted to reflect on what it means to have confidence in God's plan for your life, for instance, you could use a gematria calculator to learn that the word "faith" has a total numerical value of 92, suggesting that it is a potent spiritual idea.

Additionally, a lot of people use gematria tools in their horoscope research. They can gain more understanding of their own lives and characters by examining how specific numbers correlate with particular planets or zodiac signs in astrology. If a person was born under the sign of Aries, they might use a gematria calculator to see how certain numbers relate to this sign, such as how the number three is linked to the fire element of Aries, in order to learn more about their personality traits and life path.

Enter the word or sentence you want to compute into the above tool. The English Jewish gematria value and the English basic gematria value will then be calculated and displayed by the tool.

Gematria Decoder

A decoder for gematria determines which phrases have a particular gematria meaning. This value is dependent on the alphabetic characters, with a number associated with each letter. The significance of a word or sentence can be determined by using the calculator to determine its numerical worth.

Enter the desired number into the encoder to begin. Following that, a collection of terms with comparable English simple gematria and English Jewish gematria values will be displayed by the decoder.

Types of gematria

The Hebrew gematria, which gives Hebrew characters numerical values, is the most well-known form of gematria. The character aleph has a number value of 1, while the other letters have values ranging from 1-400. In order to determine the worth of a word or phrase, one can do so in a number of methods, but they all require adding up the numerical values of each letter in the word or phrase. Once the sum is known, it can be used to extract different interpretations from the text.

Greek gematria is a less popular form of gematria that gives Greek characters a numerical meaning. The values, which run from 1 to 800, are reminiscent of the Hebrew gematria, with alpha equivalent to 1. While Greek gematria can be applied similarly to Hebrew gematria, its use is more constrained due to its scarcity.

The third form of gematria is called "Ordinal" gematria, which gives each letter a numerical value based on where it appears in the alphabet rather than on its own intrinsic worth. As an illustration, "A" would be equivalent to 1, "B," to 2, and so on. While this method can be used in the same way as Hebrew or Greek gematria, it yields different outcomes because of its distinct numbering scheme.

Then there is English Gematria, which uses the English letters to give a numerical value. (1-26). However, despite the fact that it can be used in the same way as any other form of Gematria, this system yields unique outcomes.

Jewish gematria (a.k.a. Hebrew gematria)

The technique of giving numerical meanings to characters (in English or any other language) according to the Hebrew alphabet is known as Jewish gematria or Hebrew gematria. This enables the expression of words and sentences as integers, which can then be used for mystical or mathematical reasons. The most popular method for giving Hebrew characters numerical values is to gradually add up the given numbers for each letter in the alphabet. Hebrew uses 22 characters in its writing. The values assigned to the characters are as follows: 1 to 9, 10 to 90, 9 to 30, and 100 to 400 for the final four letters.

Each English character will be given one of the following values according to the Jewish gematria system:


Words and phrases can have numerical values given to them using this method of gematria. The secret meanings in writings can then be discovered using these numerical values, or codes and ciphers can be made. For instance, the Jewish gematria value of the word "HEAVEN" is 469 (H = 8, E = 5, A = 1, V = 400, E = 5, N = 50). These sum to 469 when added together.

English gematria

English gematria is a method of numerology that gives the English alphabet's characters numerical values. Gematria's most popular technique gives each character a value in a regular order:


Words and phrases can have numerical values given to them using this method of gematria. The secret meanings in writings can then be discovered using these numerical values, or codes and ciphers can be made. For instance, the word "GOD" has the gematria value of 26 in Simple English (G = 7, O = 15, D = 4). We get 26 when we add these figures together.

Greek gematria

Greek gematria is a method for giving characters, words, and sentences numerical values. The numerical worth of words and statements can be determined using the values given to each letter of the Greek script (1–24). Gematria can be used to determine the numerical worth of a word or phrase or to uncover hidden messages in writing.